Tuesday, October 21, 2008


In the wake of Ken "Cakewalk" Adelman's endorsement of Barack Obama, DoyleReports has exclusively obtained a copy of a new shooting script for a McCain campaign commercial, expected to air shortly.

NARRATOR: Barack Obama pals around with dangerous characters. Bill Ayers. Jeffrey Wright. Harry Reid. And now Ken Adelman has joined this Chicago politician's gang.

MONTAGE: (Black and white pictures of Adelman grinning with Donald Rumsfeld, sitting at a typewriter looking bookish, covers of Washingtonian magazine's Best Restaurant issues)

NARRATOR: Adelman found time to get his doctorate, but just like Obama he escaped military service during Vietnam. And when it really counted, his judgment was abominable.

VIDEO OF ADELMAN SPEAKING (From CNN Crossfire, 12/9/2002): I think it will be an operation that we can win and win relatively quickly with little casualties, with little civilian casualties and change the nature of the Middle East.

VIDEO: Car bomb explosions, firefights, quick scroll of names of 80,000 Iraqi civilian casualties.

VIDEO OF ADELMAN SPEAKING (From CNN Crossfire 4/26/2003): This is a very passing problem.

NARRATOR: Ken Adelman: Wrong Again.

VERBATIM TRANSCRIPT FROM CNN Crossfire 4/26/2003) Adelman: (unintelligible.)

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