Thursday, October 9, 2008

Check out the Court of Federal Claims, a handy but unheralded story source.
The court is where people go with, well, claims against Uncle Sam. These aren't just slip-and-fall cases, either; big bucks and/or big questions are on the line.
This week, as part of my regular courts perusal, I noted a public safety officer case. Hmmn, I says to myself, wonder what that's about?
The first couple of sentences of the opinion, reveal a grieving widower, a dead female firefighter and a 12-year legal fight with the Justice Department. Game on! The result: a reminder that obscure courthouse checks are worth the clicking, and a story
that begins a little something like this:
WASHINGTON — Volunteer Alabama firefighter Martha Bice died 12 years ago, done in by bad smoke. Many courtroom fights later, the Justice Department will finally be settling accounts for this woman Congress considers a hometown hero.

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