Monday, October 27, 2008

A Taxed Former Judge

It's been a rough decade for former Oregon Supreme Court Justice Edward N. Fadeley. And thanks to U.S. Tax Court, it's just gotten a little rougher.
First, Fadeley resigned from the Oregon court in 1998; he had throat cancer, but at the age of 68 he also faced a potential investigation into allegations he had a sexual relationship with a member of his staff. Last year, the Oregon Bar suspended him for 30 days following a dispute with a former client.
Now, the Tax Court has in a fairly sharp manner dismissed Fadeley's claims for many thousands of dollars in business and personal expense deductions for work done at his Oregon ranch. Tax Court Judge Stephen Swift sternly noted in Oct. 22 ruling that Fadeley "did not cooperate" with government officials, and seemed rather skeptical about Fadeley's claims that, well, the cougars ate the homework:
"(Fadeley) claims that one of the horses fell into a ditch and that cougars and an English bulldog killed some of the sheep and three pygmy angora sheep."

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