Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gimbernat's Ligament

The mystery of Gimbernat's Ligament must be solved!
A gentleman named Antonio Gimbernat sued the federal government, ultimately going to U.S. Court of Federal Claims with an array of charges and a demand for $100 million. Many charges revolved around his 1987 discharge from the Navy. Mr. Gimbernat contends he was "singled out" by a Navy company class leader and at the age of 17 was "forced to call himself a homosexual;" in time, he said, this treatment caused "severe emotional and mental harm...dependence on alcohol, drug abuse, and numerous altercations with law enforcement."
But that's not all. Mr. Gimbernat further claimed he was "entitled to receive “inheritance royalties” due to his ancestor’s discovery of “Gimbernat’s Ligament.” Which sounds like it could be the next DaVinci Code, doesn't it?
Claims Court Judge Emily Hewitt didn't touch that one and, in fact, dismissed in her new ruling the entirety of Mr. Gimbernat's suit.
The very useful web site
sheds a bit more light on this Gimbernat's Ligament, which evidently honors a Mr.
Don Manuel Louise Antonio de Gimbernat y Arbos
who is a 17th century gent; like I say, this Hollywood should snap this baby right up...

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