Thursday, August 28, 2008

Carolina Cuts A-comin'

Citing "very tough economic times," executives at McClatchy's Charlotte Observer and Raleigh News & Observer have alerted staffers that the next buyout round will hit soon. In a three-paragraph memo sent to all employees late Wednesday afternoon, Charlotte Observer Publisher Ann Caulkins said the next cuts will occur as "we are restructuring our organization to become a fully integrated print and online media company." Word is, the N&O received an essentially identical memo, which stated:
"We expect to announce details of a voluntary buyout within two weeks...we are still ironing out the goals and details of our plan. We are trying to ensure that we examine all expenses before we decide how to go forward with staff reductions."
I should add: Because of potential conflicts, I won't be posting any more on internal McClatchy corporate matters. There's a lot more on law, journalism practice and California issues to keep me busy.

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