Thursday, August 28, 2008

Federal Register: Be Still My Heart!

Call me crazy, but I love the Federal Register. I check it out online every day at
Just scroll down the daily index through the agencies; the listed rules and proposals often speak for themselves: new wine regions, public land closures, visa fees, discredited doctors, safety rules etc..story ideas galore!
So, for instance, here is a F.R.-based story about Chilean table grapes getting a pass into the United States. Stop yawning. For California farmers who are responsible for 99 percent of grapes grown in the United States, it's dollars-and-cents relevant. And besides, it, you know, boosts the ol' byline count...

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Lisa F. said...

I thought such a fantastic blog should have at least one comment! How I love to see a good appreciation of the federal register and the U.S. tax courts. Right on! Seriously, Mike - you should join Facebook so that this blog gets circulated more. I can see this being a really fantastic resource for reporters. Not only do you give great tips on how to find stories, but I also really like the interviewing of regional reporters on how they do their jobs. Keep up the good work!