Friday, September 19, 2008

The Dirt on Meghan McCain

Now I've got the scoop. Do I use it?
Turns out, one of my George Washington University reporting students attended private high school in Arizona with Meghan McCain, the senator's daughter. And man, oh, man, does my student have some dish. About uniforms, Starbucks, attendance, reputation and that time...
But hold on. How could any reporter justify exposing a high school student? Does she not deserve a zone of privacy, even if her father is running for president? Picture, here, a little devil on one shoulder and a little angel on the other, each making their pitch.
Use it: Meghan has thrust herself into the public debate, with her entertaining blog, She has made herself a political commodity, and thereby forfeited certain privacy expectations. Her behavior reflects on the parental character of the man running for president. If I don't use it, someone else will. It will attract an audience for MSM, drive traffic for a blog. It's fun.
Drop it: It's nobody's business. Let the tabloids and blogs fill the trashy niche; maintain an elevated tone to avoid alienating a respectable audience. I'm dead in McCain World if I trash the daughter: goodbye, access! I wouldn't want my own privacy stripped away. She was just a kid.
It's trivial.
At which point, the little devil and the little angel agree to disagree and go off for a beer together, leaving me up in the air...

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