Saturday, September 20, 2008

I See IG

IG audits: gotta love 'em.
A slow Friday, one weekender already filed. I go cruising through the Inspector General home-pages, It's reporting by wandering around; or, at least, clicking around. I find a new Agriculture Department IG new audit on wetlands reserve program. Sounds promising, I open it up...and discover the audit includes California wetlands. A local angle; Oh, frabjous day!
The result is a reminder that IG audits are worth perusing regularly. The quickly turned-around story, started with this lede:

WASHINGTON -- The Agriculture Department is paying landowners to conserve wetlands but failing to monitor the results, investigators warn in a new report.
One result arose in the Sacramento Valley, where investigators uncovered trash piled up on property for which the Agriculture Department had purchased a conservation easement.

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